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Image by Gyorgy Bakos


MARCH 2019

After completing my DTS I had the opportunity to staff a youth mission trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia. We had the privilege of working alongside a handful of Cambodian-based ministries that work within their local communities as well as their surrounding villages. The students on our trip blew me away! During this trip, they demonstrated the love of Jesus not only in the way they worked with and loved on the Khmer children but also in the ways they honored and sacrificed for each other.

Image by Taylor Wilcox

Ethiopia + Djibouti


After months of prayer, my DTS was sent out into the world to support what God has actively been doing in the nations! I naively expected ministry to be easy but quickly discovered the personal challenges of working in a spiritually dry land. In spite of the struggles we faced individually and as a team, God was faithful to breathe life into us and into Africa! Not just by prayer and evangelism, but by shared meals and rickshaw rides. Jump-roping and lesson planning. Singing and dancing!

Image by Albert S



I was desperate to learn more about God’s heart for the word and what his plan was for my life in his narrative, so I enrolled in a Discipleship Training School (DTS). During my time down under I went through 3 months of Bible-based study that absolutely transformed my life! My once surface-level relationship with Jesus grew so much deeper as I began to understand who he is and what his heart is for the world. I will forever cherish this season spent discovering and wrestling with God!

Image by Patrick Schneider



In my third year of college, I had the opportunity to pursue coursework for my international business minor abroad. My desire was to study in England but the Lord closed every door that led there. Instead, I found myself in Florence! Over the course of the semester, I developed a deep love and appreciation of Tuscan culture, formed friendships that will last a lifetime, and became proficient in Italian. This is also "when" and "where" the Lord first spoke to me about missions!


To everyone who has loved, supported, prayed for, and donated to make this mission-aligned lifestyle possible. When God placed this dream in my heart during November of 2017 I would have never imagined the plans he had for me. You are a part of this narrative - it would not exist without all of you!

Image by Gyorgy Bakos

Mexico + Papua New Guinea

MAY 22 - JUNE 22

In January of 2022, I helped lead and oversee one of our Discipleship Training Schools. As part of my leadership role, I visited two of our outreach teams serving in Mazatlan, Mexico and Madang, Papua New Guinea. Not only was I able to minister to missionaries as they served the nations, I had the opportunity to preach in church, evangelize to locals, serve our YWAM ships ministry, and help run an Operation Christmas Child gift distribution in a mountain village!



APRIL 21 - JUNE 21

After returning to YWAM and serving at one of their bases in Hawaii, I staffed a Discipleship Training School (DTS) and led an outreach to the Bocas del Toro region. We worked predominantly with the Ngäbe people on the island of Isla Bastimentos while consecutively helping YWAM Outpost Panama pioneer their ministry. We had the opportunity to do evangelism on the main island, lead discipleship groups in the neighboring village, as well as help build a home on the remote island of Isla Tigre,