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How does giving work?

I've found that one of the most uncomfortable and challenging aspects of transitioning into missions is relying entirely on God to provide for me financially. Living in a culture that celebrates the ability to support yourself makes it especially difficult to accept charity and offering from his people! I know it will be a humbling season yet I am believing that the Lord will speak to the hearts of the individuals he wants to pair me with in this season! From what I have seen and read, I know the Great Commission will be accomplished not only by those who “go” but also by those who give, pray, and send. 


I don’t know whom God will use to write this part of his story, but He does! He’s been aligning this season of service in my life with a season of giving in someone else's... a season of praying in yet another one of his children’s lives. He’s been equipping each of his kids with what they need to link up and accomplish Kingdom work together since the beginning.

If you want to learn more about partnering with me through annual, quarterly, or monthly giving, or giving a one-time gift, please be in touch. Complete the form below with your full name as well as the best way to reach you, whether that be email or phone. Please feel free to reach me at any time by emailing directly!

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