my story.

For most of my life, I entirely lacked a desire to serve others. In my mind, the act of drawing toward others was fruitless work, and God even less so. My desires were wholly fixed upon satisfying myself, fulfilling my personal comforts, and pursuing opportunities that would serve me best. I believed that anyone who did otherwise was foolish and fake, desperate for affirmation from the world that their lives had meaning. I can recall a handful of times in which I declared with equal parts confidence and satire: “I would never be a missionary… but God bless those people!” 

So you can imagine the degree of shock and irony I experienced when God spoke one, simple word to me in 2017:  "Missions."


Amidst my shock, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace. And as I spent weeks and months praying and wrestling through that word, I found myself eager and excited to be used by the Lord in a new way! That small but God-sized whisper became the desire of my heart... yet, I was still hesitant. There were so many unknowns and I had no way of controlling them, which scared me. I wondered how taking a gap year to serve would affect me professionally...  I had a plan for my life after college that would set me up for a profitable career and life. How could I abandon that?

During that period of decision-making, the Holy Spirit gently led me to realize that (a) there’s no blueprint for a successful life and that (b) my most precious possessions and plans are safest when trusted into His hands. With that single word from God (“missions”), plenty of encouragement from my closest friends, and a desperation to learn more about God's heart and plan for my life, I embarked upon a seven-month, four-country, three-continent missionary expedition through Youth With A Mission (YWAM).

As I followed the Lord’s leading I began to trust him more freely and fully. Living a life in missions full time has been a journey for which God provides everything: compassion, patience, joy, strength, endurance, humility, direction, finance, and family. He has walked with me during moments of great strength and utter weakness. He has held my hand through seasons of joy and in seasons of disappointment, using each one to draw me closer and show me what it truly means to live life with Him.

connected to the source of all life.

The only way that we can be a source of life for others is to have a source of life for ourselves. Abiding in Jesus is the only true way to experience the fullness of life, and to lead others into that place! As far as I can see, this is what God calls me to as a believer: living in a way that is both God-oriented and other-oriented, faithfully sharing the good news so that creation may be reconciled to creator, a heavenly family restored.


Looking at my own life, I can't ignore the radical, abundant, transformational grace of God that has bled into every area of my existence. Jesus is the gift, and receiving Him has changed me forever. I have a purpose and a destiny, I was made for love and for His glory! 

In the spring of 2020, God invited me to serve him as a missionary to the nations: to go where others may not and tell them the good news of Jesus, so that every tribe and tongue might know that Jesus is Lord and be saved. So all those who are lost would discover the river that never runs dry, and have access to the only water that will eternally satisfy their thirsty souls.

Then I heard the Lord asking, “Whom should I send as a messenger to this people?

Who will go for us?” I said, “Here I am. Send me.


Isaiah 6:8

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